Costilla County

Affordable Cost of Living, Affordable Land Prices, Low Property Taxes

If you’re looking for affordable land in a beautiful location, Costilla County is a great choice. Elegment Land offers 10-acre, 20-acre, and 40-acre tracts of land starting at $13,000, $26,000, and $52,000, respectively. These prices are some of the lowest you’ll find in the San Luis Valley region, making it a great option for buyers looking for a good deal.

In addition to affordable land prices, the property taxes in Costilla County are among the lowest in the country. For example, the annual property tax on a 10-acre tract is only around $160. This is an attractive feature for those looking to keep their ongoing expenses low.

Not only does Costilla County offer affordable land and property taxes, but it also boasts an affordable cost of living, with a cost of living index that is 25.3% below the national average. This means you can stretch your budget further and enjoy a high quality of life in a beautiful location.

Breathtaking Natural Beauty, Wide Open Spaces and Scenic Views

Costilla County boasts stunning natural beauty, open spaces, and scenic views. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains offer a breathtaking backdrop, while parks, wildlife areas, and national forests provide excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation. The area is replete with natural wonders, including Blanca Peak, Great Sand Dunes, Trinchera Peak, and the Smith and Sanchez Reservoirs, all of which are just a stone’s throw away. The county’s rich and varied natural landscapes make it a prime destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

For those who love outdoor activities, Costilla County offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. The area is home to several beautiful lakes and rivers, making it a popular spot for fishing. The county also has numerous trails for hiking and camping, allowing residents to explore the beautiful wilderness.

Off-Grid Living Opportunities for Those Seeking Self-Sufficiency

Costilla County is a great option for those looking for off-grid living opportunities and a more self-sufficient lifestyle. The area offers various land parcels that are perfect for off-grid living, providing options for sustainable living practices such as solar power and water catchment. This allows residents to enjoy a simpler, more sustainable way of living, reducing their carbon footprint and dependence on public utilities.

One of the main benefits of off-grid living in Costilla County is the abundance of solar power resources in the San Luis Valley, which is known to have the highest per capita concentration of home-based solar energy systems in the country. Solar system kits start at around $1100, depending on size and usage, making it a cost-effective option for residents. For backup power, many residents use gasoline-powered generators, especially when using large power tools. Some neighbors also install both solar and wind generators.

Water is another important factor to consider for off-grid living. One money-saving option is to haul water from the Alamosa Water Department, where a 500-gallon tank can be filled for only $2.50. The average well depth in the Rio Grande Ranches is about 150 feet, and drilling costs around $35 per foot. It is also important to consider the installation of a septic system, which typically costs between $5,000 to $8,000 in the area.

For cooking, refrigeration, and heating, propane gas is commonly used, which can be delivered throughout the San Luis Valley. Many residents also use woodstoves for heating, with abundant, cheap firewood available in the local forest.

Access to Small-Town Amenities and Proximity to Larger Cities

Costilla County may be remote, but it offers easy access to small-town amenities and services. With a short drive to Alamosa and San Luis, residents can access basic necessities such as grocery stores, gas stations, and medical facilities. This makes it a perfect location for those who desire to live in a secluded area while still having access to essential services.

Although Costilla County is a remote area, it is still relatively close to larger cities. The county is only a few hours’ drive from Denver and Colorado Springs, which offer a range of amenities, services, and entertainment options. This makes it an ideal location for those who want to live in a remote area but still have access to the amenities of larger cities.

Low Crime Rates

With its low crime rates, Costilla County is a safe place to live. Violent crime is at 17.7, compared to the US average of 22.7, and property crime is at 31.1, compared to the US average of 35.4. The area fosters a strong sense of community, with residents looking out for one another and creating a friendly environment.

Subdivisions in Costilla County, Colorado

You might be interested in starting a farm or ranch, or just looking for the perfect spot to build your dream home. Elegment Land a variety of vacant land for sale in Costilla County. Options available around the San Luis, Fort Garland, and Alamosa areas to suit your needs. Owner finance available.

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