Our Buying Process

We’re experts in buying and selling land across the USA, and we’re proud of the process that makes buying land so easy for our customers.

Owner Financing Made Easy with Elegment Land

We’re committed to making it easy for people to own their dream plot of land. The buying process with Elegment Land couldn’t be easier.

Step 1: Choose Your Land

Search our property listings by state or by land use. Ideal if you’re looking for land to park your RV, place your mobile home, build your ranch, or start your own homestead.

Can’t find the perfect lot? No problem, contact our team.

Step 2: Choose Your Payment Method

We offer our own financing as a payment method, so it’s easier to own your land sooner than you think. Just speak to our team for details.

Alternatively, we offer a discount on the land for those able to pay in full.

Once you’ve chosen your payment method, simply make a $900 deposit through the website to secure your lot for 72 hours.

Step 3: Review the Paperwork

We’ll create the paperwork; it’s easy to understand and just requires a signature. If you’re living in a different state or country than your lot — no problem.

You’re welcome to sign the paperwork in person; however, we understand that it’s often much easier for people to sign from the comfort of their own homes. That’s why we email all paperwork over to be signed digitally.

Step 4: Close on the Purchase

If you are buying with cash, we will prepare your deed accordingly.

If you are buying with our owner finance plan,  we will prepare your Deed of Trust and Promissory Note, which you will notary sign and mail back to us with our pre-paid shipping label.

Step 5: Make Your Payments

If you’ve chosen to pay in one cash payment, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to pay securely.

For owner-finance purchases, you’ll simply need to set up a regular payment plan using our secure payment provider.

Still Got Questions?

Elegment Land owns all the land you see on our site, so we’ll likely have the answers you need or can easily find out for you.

So if you still have questions about the land you’re buying, simply contact our team!