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Why Choose Owner Financing for Texas Land for Sale with Elegment Land?

We are the property owners and have all the relevant details you need.

You can be confident in knowing that your personal information is protected.

Ditch the complex and difficult-to-approve bank loans for easy and smooth owner-financing terms.

No expensive prepayment penalties, so you can take ownership of your land early.

Spend less time on confusing paperwork and more time enjoying things you love.

All the Help You Need Buying Land

We want you to find and buy your dream plot of land easily— so if you’re unsure of anything at all, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We’re well-versed in buying and selling land and can help you find the right land for you.


The average listing price for plots of land in Texas varies depending on the type and location. In 2022, the average price was around $4,000 per acre, but that figure has slowly been rising, making land for sale in Texas a great investment.

Yes, there are regulations and restrictions for building on land in Texas. These can vary depending on the county, city, or subdivision where the land is located. It is advisable to check with the local authorities or a land use attorney to understand the specific regulations and restrictions that may apply to your desired land use. Of course, the Elegment Land team can help answer questions, and our listings are full of relevant information.

Land taxes in Texas are low compared to other states in the USA, making Texas Land for sale a great investment. Property taxes can be a little higher on average. However, there is no income tax in Texas, so if the lone star state is to become home for you, it can be an affordable place to live.

Depending on the zoning regulations and any applicable restrictions, it may be possible to use the land for both residential and recreational purposes. However, verifying the specific land use regulations and any homeowners’ association rules that may apply to ensure the desired use is permitted is crucial. Luckily this is something that the Elegment Land team can advise on.

Owning a plot of land in Texas can offer several advantages, including the potential for long-term investment appreciation, the ability to customize and build your desired home or property, the opportunity for recreational activities, and the potential for agricultural or livestock-related pursuits.

When you buy Texas land for sale with Elegment Land, there is no need to work with a real estate agent. We own all of our property, so we can provide you with owner financing options as digital paperwork that’s easy and quick to complete. Once the paperwork has been completed and a deposit has been paid, the land is yours in title.

Benefits of Land Ownership in Texas

Texas is a beautiful and unique state, offering a diverse array of Texas lands for sale — and many remote areas that are ideal for building custom homes. From coastal swamps and lush pine woods to rolling plains and rugged hills — not to mention desert and mountainous terrains, there are so many advantages to living in Texas. 

Cost of Living

Land for sale in Texas is typically low-cost compared to other states with low taxes for land ownership to boot. Living expenses in Texas tend to be affordable, particularly outside of the larger cities of Houston, Austin and Dallas. 


Texas is a great place to invest in land for sale thanks to its low taxes. Building materials and labour tend to be plentiful and the state’s generally dry climate means it’s a great place to build year-round.


With its vast expanses of land, Texas boasts some exciting outdoor pursuits including caving, hiking and off-roading. Culturally, Texas is home to some of America’s most exciting cities with its famous cowboy culture and delicious food on offer.