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Elegment Land offers beautiful and affordable land for sale with financing options across eight states in the US. These include Texas, Colorado, Washington, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, California, and Arkansas. Elegment Land integrates eCommerce with real estate. It makes buying land uncomplicated through an easy and safe online buying process without confusing paperwork, high-interest loans, or prepayment penalties. Buyers can choose their preferred piece of land, pay with their preferred financing option, receive a warranty deed and hold ownership from day one.

Our Awards

We are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rating business with Gold Star Certificate for 3 consecutive years! All the properties sold by Elegment Land are self-owned land parcels. We are a land developer, not a real estate agent. We sell our land parcels exclusively with Warranty Deed (Grant Deed in California). We work hard to simplify your buying process so that you can quickly become a proud land owner.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a leisure retreat, enjoy outdoors, or want to hold on to a piece of the American legacy. We are here to help!

Meet the Team

Xing Gao

Xing Gao is the founder of Elegment Land.

I am Xing Gao. With 20+ years of eCommerce and real estate experience, I combine modern day eCommerce technology to make land buying EASY for our buyers.

Andrew Finger


I am Andrew Finger. I live in the multi-cultural Houston. Our business is to acquire land at wholesale prices and pass the savings to our customers.

Lucas King

Lucas King is one of the three founders.

I am Lucas King, one of the three core founders. I search far and wide for the best land to sell to our buyers. I am the luckiest land finder on the planet!

LeAnn Specht

I am LeAnn Specht. I love helping our customers find the land of their dreams and walking them through the EASY purchase process!

Fun Fact about Elegment Land

The term "elegment" used in the name Elegment Land finds its origins in Middle English, Old French, and Latin. Derived from the Old French "element" and the Latin "elementum," it encapsulates the ancient connotation of earth, soil, and dirt. In order to create a distinct and memorable name, we added a letter "g" in the middle, allowing us to buy the domain name This deliberate modification ensures the uniqueness of the name while aligning it with our focus on land and real estate.

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Call/text: (970) 420-2440


Address: 5680 Highway 6 Suite 214, Missouri City, Texas 77459