Land by Usage

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate escape to hunt and fish or a spot close to utilities to park your RV through the colder months, Elegment Land can help you find your dream lot.  

To get started, simply find a property you like and make a $900 deposit. We will then hold the property for you for 72 hours while we put your owner financing in place. Once you are approved, we will close on the property, and you will be the proud new owner! 


With an RV lot, you’ll have a permanent base to return to after each road trip. Travel without the worry of finding a new place to stay each time. Register a 911 address and have your mail delivered directly to your doorstep, or opt for a local PO Box to receive your packages.   


Agricultural land can be a profitable investment, as it provides the opportunity for landowners to produce a variety of crops and livestock. The money generated from these agricultural activities can provide a steady stream of income for the landowner.


Are you an avid hunter looking for private and exclusive hunting land for sale? Or perhaps you’re searching for a recreational property that offers more than just hunting? Look no further than owning hunting land for sale with Elegment Land. One of the biggest benefits of owning hunting land is exclusive access to it. This means you won’t have to compete with other hunters or worry about the restrictions of public hunting grounds.

Lakeside Lots

Lake Subdivison Lots for sale is a popular choice for homeowners, vacation properties, and RV lots. Lake subdivion lot is a great investment for those who love the outdoors and want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Past customers love their lake subdivision lot and for good reasons.

Mobile Home

Water and electricity are common features in mobile home land for sale. Lucky mobile homeowners will also find a sewage system in place — and occasionally, additional amenities like clubhouses and convenience stores can be found nearby.


If you’re looking for dramatic views, living in the mountains will suit you. Whether it’s the snow-capped peaks of Washington State or the hazy mountains of California, the U.S. offers some of the most splendid mountain views. At Elegment Land, we can help make finding mountain land for sale a reality with easy owner financing and no credit checks. Give us a call or browse our listings. 


Our residential land for sale is perfect for those looking to self-build, either as a great investment, holiday lot, or to put down roots and build your forever home. Elegment Land can help you find residential land for sale from Texas to Washington State. We can help you find the ideal land for sale in a location that suits you. With owner financing available and no credit checks, buying residential land has never been easier. Simply give us a call.  


Waking to birdsong and strolling through your own private part of the forest will be a dream for some. Many people choose to buy land covered in woodland as they see it as a free resource for their self-build. Using local wood is a great way to build beautiful homes that blend with the surrounding area and have a unique and personal feel.