0.14 Acres Hilltop Views and backs up to a 380 Acre Lake Preserve in Bandera, TX

$3,900 down, then $190.06 per month for 90 months (Plus $26 / month service fee)
0.14 Acres

$15,900 Cash Price

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Pay a deposit of $900 per item
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$15,900 Cash Price

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Tags: Lakefront, RV Lot, Wooded

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How to visit this 0.14-acre lot for sale in Bandera, Texas?

To visit this 0.14-acre lot for sale in Bandera Texas, search 468 Spanish Oak Dr, Bandera, Texas, 78003 within Bandera County on your phone. When you are near the land, search “29.63026, -98.99109 on Google Map to locate one of the corners. Contact our office for surveys (if available), county plat maps, Google Map boundaries and corners, and MapRight.

  • Northwest Corner: 29.63026, -98.99109
  • Northeast Corner: 29.63026, -98.99093
  • Southwest Corner: 29.62992, -98.99108
  • Southeast Corner: 29.62992, -98.99093

STEP 1: Google Map for navigation: Google Map Link

STEP 2: Corner and Boundaries: Google Map Link
(when you are near the land, click this link on your phone to open Google Map, the RED BOX shows the land boundary, the FLASHING BLUE DOT shows where you are standing)

Purchase Closing

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  • Seller Financed Buyer will receive a Warranty Deed Deed of Trust.
  • No fees for Buyer if closing in-house. Buyer responsible for current year and subsequent year property taxes.

Land Description

Cash Price: $15,900

Owner Financing Available: $3,900 down, then $190.06 per month for 90 months (Plus $26 / month service fee)

13 minutes to Bandera City Park
14 minutes to Downtown Bandera, TX
15 minutes to Exxon Gas station
15 minutes to ChargePoint Charging Station
18 minutes to Downtown Bandera Falls, TX
21 minutes to Bandera Historical Rides, TX
22 minutes to Hill Country Elementary School
35 minutes to Medina Lake RV Park and Camping
1 hour 9 minutes to Downtown San Antonio, TX

This neighborhood is called Lake Medina Shores. A perfect opportunity to escape to the lake with your RV or Trailer, or build a home and move in full time. If you have big plans, this small slice of Bandera County might be just what you’re looking for. This lot features a 380-acre preserve that backs up to the property, adding to its natural beauty and offering a large, undeveloped area.

The total lot size is 50 ft x 125 ft = 6,229 sq ft. The Property has been Surveyed with stakes on the ground. A copy of the survey is available upon request.

Nestled only 35 minutes away from multiple access points to Lake Medina in Bandera County, one of the most popular and affordable lake areas in the Hill Country and surrounding San Antonio area. You are only a short distance away from beautiful fishing, camping, kayaking and swimming and within a 1 hour driving distance of Downtown San Antonio, TX.


Lake Medina boat ramps

The property allows

  • 24-Hour Tent Camping
  • Unlimited RV Camping and Storage
  • Permanent residential living allowed via Mobile Home, Cabin, Tiny Home, Container Home or traditional residential structure.
  • Lake Medina Shores amenities include a community pool, boat ramp to Lake Medina, pier, playgrounds, cabanas, and maintenance of the roads.
  • This land is ready to tap into existing Water and Power Lines at the County Road Frontage. This property features very close proximity to Lake Medina boat launch access, mature cedar trees and No Flood Zone. The property measures 40’ wide and 100’ feet deep.
  • This property is suitable for septic installation and meets the minimum lot size requirements to install septic. To help you estimate a budget on preparing the property for septic (if you chose to do so), you can choose to install a Conventional System or an Aerobic System, depending on site plans and footprint. For an average 2,500 square foot home, a conventional system would cost roughly $6k to install and an aerobic system would roughly cost $12k to install.
  • Perfect for anyone wanting to build a home, park an RV, mobile home, or just to have as a great investment.

Light Restrictions

  • Camping, Storing and Parking of RVs Allowed on all lots. This includes RVs, pickup campers, camping trailers, van conversions, fifth-wheel trailers, mini-motor homes, travel trailers, and motor homes.
  • Tent Camping also allowed.> Mobile Homes should be of a recent model and require a 600 square foot minimum.
  • Permanent-Build Private residences require a 600 square foot minimum.
  • Full-Time Living in RVs not allowed unless planning to build a permanent structure.

Utility Information

Electricity Service: Call Bandera Electric at 830-796-3741

Water Service: Call Monarch Water 866-654-7992 x4 to Tap into the Water Line at the Property. $700 Tap-In Fee for a Meter Install.

Septic Service & Water Wells: Call Buddy’s Water Well & Septic Service at 830-796-3878

Land Details

  • Elegment ID: WIN_TX_Bandera_LMS_Shively31143
  • Address: 468 Spanish Oak Dr, Bandera, Bandera County, Texas, 78003
  • GPS: 29.63026, -98.99109
  • Parcel Number: 148797
  • Size: 0.14 Acres
  • Conveyance: Warranty Deed (Clean Title)
  • Annual Taxes: $78.72 / Year (approximate)
  • Annual HOA / PO: $120 / Year
  • Legal Description: Lot 27, Section D, Lake Medina Shores Subdivision, As shown by the plat thereof in Volume Slide 6, Pages 23 & 24, Plat Records, Bandera County, Texas.

Nearby Attractions

The Medina River: Google Map Link

In the center of Bandera, the Medina River meanders beautifully, providing a calm haven amidst the splendor of the natural world. Visitors can take stroll along its banks, go tubing, or go fishing as it passes through beautiful scenery. The Medina River offers a serene sanctuary, beckoning everyone to relish the serene allure of Bandera’s natural treasures.

Frontier Times Museum: Website

Frontier Times Museum is a captivating exploration of the Old West’s legacy, nestled in Bandera. This museum meticulously preserves the area’s history through an impressive collection of artifacts, exhibits, and engaging displays. Visitors delve into the tales of pioneers, cowboys, and Native Americans, gaining a vivid understanding of Bandera’s rich heritage.

Bandera Historical Rides: Website

Bandera Historical Rides offers a captivating journey into the past, immersing participants in the rich history of the Bandera region. Mounted on trained horses, guided tours weave through scenic trails, reliving tales of pioneers and Native American heritage. An authentic Old West experience, unveiling the cultural tapestry of this iconic Texas locale.

Bandera City Park: Google Map Link

Bandera City Park is a charming oasis in the heart of town, offering a peaceful retreat for locals and visitors alike. With lush green spaces, playgrounds, and picnic areas, it’s a perfect spot for family outings and leisurely strolls. The park’s welcoming atmosphere and scenic beauty make it a cherished destination for relaxation and community gatherings in Bandera.

Property Summary

Explore Lake Medina Shores, an idyllic neighborhood offering a prime opportunity for RV enthusiasts or home builders seeking tranquility. This 50 ft x 125 ft lot, totaling 6,229 sq ft, provides a canvas for your vision, whether it’s full-time residence or a weekend retreat. Only 35 minutes from Lake Medina, enjoy affordable lakeside activities, from fishing to kayaking. The property, within an hour of Downtown San Antonio, combines rural charm with urban proximity. With versatile options for camping, RV storage, and various residential structures, Lake Medina Shores ensures a harmonious community.