TESTIMONIAL: Derrick’s Perfect Purchase of an RV Lot from Elegment Land

We are grateful to have served Derrick in his purchase of an RV lot from Elegment Land. We welcome the opportunity to add you to the Elegment family of happy customers. View our available RV lots for sale in Texas and other parts of the country!

My Background

Hi, my name is Derek Davis and I’m from Dallas, Texas. Before COVID, I was flipping homes for hedge funds. When COVID hit, business slowed down, so I made the decision to look for land to purchase, land to eventually one day start building homes for rental and homes for Airbnb.

Finding Elegment Land

So, as I was in my journey of looking for lands, I went to LandFlip and I found Elegment Land. I contacted the company first through email and then through a phone conversation. That process took about two weeks for me to make the decision to go view the land. Once I saw the land, I knew this was the spot that I wanted to make my first purchase. And I’m very happy with the purchase that I made. We’re now developing the land and getting it ready to be prosperous.

Smooth Purchase Transaction

When I purchased land through the company, I felt very safe. Everything was smooth – the closing, everything. It was a very smooth process. All the information on the website was very detailed, and it made the transaction fairly smooth.

Purchase RV Lot from Elegment Land

The reason why I picked this property in Port Adventure is that it’s still natural forestry. I knew it would be an easy transition as far as bringing in the plumbing, electrical, clearing the land, and being able to have a vision to see what you can do with the land.

Recommendation for Elegment Land

If you’re looking to buy raw land, I recommend buying raw land here at Elegment Land. For anybody who is trying to advance their financial situation, you just have to have vision in order to see it through. I highly recommend buying land from Elegment Land. They are hands-on, and the information that they provide on the website is top-notch.