Partner Banks and Lenders

Elegment Land is proud to partner with several reputable lenders to simplify your land purchase. Our trusted partners, First National Bank of Eagle Lake, Capital Farm Credit, and Rural 1st Lender offer competitive land and lot loan options to help you achieve your dream of building your new home.

Texas – First National Bank of Eagle Lake

Texas – Capital Farm Credit – Waco Branch

Tennessee/Kentucky – Rural 1st Lending

  • Nathan McAfee, Loan Associate
  • Rural 1st Lending
  • Office: 502-420-3790
  • Fax: 502-630-1122
  • 1601 UPS Dr, Louisville, KY 40223

Alternative Option: Tap into your Self Directed 401(K) or Self Directed IRA

Congress recently passed a bill that will let you take $100,000 from your 401(k).

  • You would be able to make the withdrawal without the 10% penalty that normally applies to those who are under age 59½.
  • You’d still need to pay any income taxes on the amount if you make profits.
  • The measure would give you three years to pay those taxes and replace the money you took out.

Partnering with Banks in Other States

We welcome the opportnity to work with banks that offer land/lot loans in other states. Are you a bank offering land/lot loans in Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, or Oklahoma? We’re seeking partnerships with qualified lenders to serve our nationwide network of land buyers. By becoming a preferred lender for Elegment Land Team, you’ll gain access to a pool of motivated buyers and streamline the loan process for our clients.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of partnering with Elegment Land Team!