Elegment Land • Preferred Lenders

A lot of our buyers ask us – is it hard to finance my land purchase?

We know of a few different options that our buyers can take advantage of on their land purchase from us.

Option 1: Tap into your Self Directed 401(K) or Self Directed IRA

Congress recently passed a bill that will let you take $100,000 from your 401(k).

  • You would be able to make the withdrawal without the 10% penalty that normally applies to those who are under age 59½.
  • You’d still need to pay any income taxes on the amount if you make profits.
  • The measure would give you three years to pay those taxes and replace the money you took out.

Option 2: Owner Finance with Elegment Land

We offer payment plan on most of our properties. We don’t charge pre-payment penalty or fees, so that you can pay off your land as early as possible. Ask us about payment plan details!

Option 3: Elegment Land Preferred Lender List