TUTORIAL: Finding Land Corners and Boundaries

Finding Land Corners and Boundaries sometimes could be tricky and challenging. In this video we show you how take advantage of Google Maps and GPS coordinates to accurately find those corners and boundary lines on your phone!

GPS – Global Positioning System

When you hear GPS, you probably think about your phone’s navigation system getting you to that new shopping center across town. GPS is so useful because it’s an accurate way to calculate the position of anything anywhere on the globe, making it an incredible resource for determining the boundaries and corners of your new property that might not have a physical address. If you are a techie like us, feel free to read more about GPS on Wikipedia 😉

In this short video, we’re going to learn Finding Land Corners and Boundaries of the property using the Google My Maps on an Elegment Land, how you can easily get turn by turn directions to the property, and where to find exact GPS coordinates of the property corners so you can easily locate the corners when you’re visiting the property.

Google My Maps on your Phone

First, let’s explore the Google My Maps. If you scroll down on one of our land listings on your phone, you’ll see the interactive map. To expand the map, click on the rectangular icon in the top right hand corner of the map. From here, we can easily move around the map to see the boundaries of the property, and the corners. This is a great way to get a feel for the area, get a feel for nearby neighbors, and see nearby utilities.

If we tap the boundary or one of the land corners, we’ll be given the option to navigate to this location. For this video, let’s put in the Walmart in Woodville, but you can use your phone’s location . Even though this property doesn’t have an address, we’re still able to navigate to it because of the GPS coordinates.

This map is also helpful for when you reach your destination. With your location data turned on, you can see your general location updated on the map, so you can walk the perimeter, Finding Land Corners and Boundaries become so easy!

Google Map Navigation on Your Phone

We’ve made it easy to navigate directly to the property. On each Elegment Land listing, you’ll find these Google Map links. Clicking the first link will open turn by turn directions to the parcel. Click the second link when you’ve arrived on the property to see the property boundaries in red rectangle as well as your location represented by a flashing blue dot. This way, you can walk along the property following the interactive map. Finding Land Corners and Boundaries using the embedded Google Map links on our listings.

Local Attractions Map

Before we move on, you might also find a second interactive map on our listings, featuring local attractions and amenities. These maps are super helpful and have a lot more information than you might see at first glance. On this listing, we have a map showing the private lake access, fishing spots, and the local park. If you tap on the icons on the map, it will pull up images we’ve taken, so you can get an up close view.

Using GPS Coordinates on Your Phone

Now Let me show you a different way to find the GPS coordinates of your property, just using your smart phone.

Back on the Elegment Land listings, scroll down until you see the GPS coordinates listed for the property. Every Elegment Land property has clear GPS coordinates included in the listing so you can get an accurate understanding of the boundaries and corners of the property. Using these numbers can be incredibly powerful if you have a handheld GPS device, but can also be used with free map software. It’s important to note that although GPS is accurate, it’s only accurate to a point. Therefore, GPS is a good tool in locating surveying markers for the property, but might not show the exact property line.

So we’ve learned about Finding Land Corners and Boundaries using Google My Maps, how to navigate with them, we’ve seen pictures of local attractions on the map, and we have the GPS coordinates of the property, the only thing left to do is get in the car and go visit ourselves. Check our our available land listings here!

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