TESTIMONIAL: Nick’s Experience in Finding the Perfect Full Time RV Lot for Sale

It was a pleasure assisting Nick in purchasing his own perfect RV lot by for sale by Lake Livingston. We’d love to have you join our satisfied customers at Elegment Land. Check out our RV lots for sale.

Nick Corfield’s Full-Time RV Journey Begins

Hi, I’m Nick Corfield from Houston Texas. Nearing retirement, my wife and I decided we’re going to live in an RV and travel the country. We’re going to drive four wheelers and go to all the parks around the country while searching for land.

Choosing the Perfect Full-Time RV Lot for Sale

I found out that you can’t place an RV full-time in just any property. It has to be something that allows for full-time RV use. That’s why when looking, we look at Elegment Land. We’re looking for something with more woods, but we’re also looking for something that has something to do close by. The second largest fishing lake in Texas is right down the end of the street. They’ve got a loading dock, a loading ramp for boats, and a fishing pier. We have a fishing pier, it’s not they, it’s we now and I like that.

Enjoying the Serenity of Port Adventure, Texas

It’s far enough out here in the woods where at night time you can hear the crickets and the birds. You can hear everything. I’ve seen bats, hawks, I’ve seen all kinds of little critters, deer. I haven’t seen any hogs, but that’s a good thing. And it’s not too far that if you need to go wash your clothes or you need to go to the post office or you need a liquor store, it’s all within the stones though. It’s not too far, although it’s a small town pretty much has everything you need. I haven’t found anything I need but I haven’t got so been here about six months. We’re going to make this our winter home and when it’s not frozen up north, we’re going to go travel around. We’ll be here for the winter months and knowing the neighbors like I’ve met them. I got no problems, I feel completely safe here.

Easy and Honest Purchase Process with Elegment Land

Well, we’re looking at properties, I’ve looked at a lot of them. We came across Elegment Land’s listing here, they actually had an aerial view and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Trees around, not a lot of paving, not a lot of buildings. What I liked about their advertisement was everything you need to know was in there. Not all the properties are equal, some are bigger, and some are smaller. This one I like because it’s on a corner and this is actually two lots because I’d spread out a little bit. But as far as the company goes, you call them up and he answered the phone himself which I was impressed. And I talked to him about it, told him what I wanted to do and he answered all my questions. He answered every single one of them and they weren’t hiding anything. I come out and take a look at it, it’s all right here so I liked it, I bought it. And the purchasing was so easy, so easy. I’ve never had such easy paper complete. Usually, I’m a veteran and I still haven’t used my VA it was that easy.

Why Port Adventure is the Perfect Fit for Full-Time RV Living

What I like about Port Adventure is there are fancier lakefront properties and you’re going to pay a lot more if you can get them and then you’re crammed up, you’re slammed up against each other. You can reach out and touch a nice trailer. As you can see here, my nearest neighbor is well trees. This is like a jewel in the rough. This property is going to do nothing but increase the longer you wait, the more it’s going to go up. I know the cost of living here is pretty cheap. I like the full-time RV, I like the elbow room, love the trees.

Recommendations and Future Plans for Full-Time RV Living

I’ve talked to other friends and I’ve got friends coming out going to take a look at. They’re doing the same thing I want to do is get out of the big city, but not too far away. Please expand your business because I like the way you do business I’d rather do business with you than some weirdos.

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