TESTIMONIAL: Discover Perfect Neighborhood for Full Time RV in Texas

Elegment Land team is greatful that we can help John to find the perfect neighborhood for his full time RV lifestyle in Texas.

I’m John Cobb, I’m from North Georgia originally now I am happily living in the RV friendly Port Adventure neighborhood in Texas.

Finding the perfect spot for full-time RV’ing: Our experience with Texas and Port Adventure

So we were living in Washington state and we decided we had had enough. It was time to come back to the South. So whereever we were looking for spots we had decided between Florida, Texas and maybe moving back home to Georgia. So we started looking at different properties different locations and we kind of fell in love with Texas and Port Adventure. Because as a full-time RV’er, having sewer available at the road that is the key. Once we found the neighborhood we wanted, we started doing a little bit of research we found Elegment Land. They were able to really make the process super simple. We found a land parcel that we really liked and within about a month they had all of the paperwork done, everything filed with the county for us. Andrew made it super simple for us to sign the paperwork while we were still in Washington state didn’t even have to come here and meet with anybody in person it was really just turnkey.

Elegment Land: Our experience with buying land in Texas remotely

Buying from Elegment Land was super simple, super secure. I really felt safe that I wasn’t giving my information to just anybody. Andrew was able to draft the paperwork that looked very good to my lawyers. And then sent us documents across the country in a very secure way. I was able to sign for the property, have it all notarized in Washington state sit down here without ever having to hop on a plane or bring myself to Texas early, it was great. Once we showed up, the property was here waiting on us ready to be developed.

Port Adventure: A perfect neighborhood for full-time RV’ers in Texas

Port Adventure is a great neighborhood for full-time RV’ers. Having all of the utilities – water, electric, and sewer available at the road is a real key. Having it sitting here ready for us to just tap in and go versus a septic tank which we were getting estimates of around $12,000 to put one in. This is a 1/10 acre lot we didn’t want a lot of land. This is really the perfect situation in the perfect neighborhood for full-timers. The best thing about being in Port Adventure you’re right between Trinity where you have a hardware store a grocery store and some fast food and Livingston Texas where a lot of full-time RV’ers hold their domicile and their mailing address. You’re right in the middle of town you are 30 minutes from either way but you also are far enough away that you actually get that quiet and the sound of the the wind coming through the trees it’s amazing. You can get to Huntsville in less than 30 minutes it’s really a perfect location.

Why I recommend Port Adventure and Elegment Land for RV’ers and homeowners in Texas

I would recommend Port Adventure neighborhood (in Trinity County, TX) to anybody who’s looking for a small affordable land parcel for them to either have their home base or a little getaway. It’s a perfect little place for families. It’s a great spot to take your RV park for the winter if you need to, and hit the road again in the spring. You get all of the amenities of having your own residential address. Your own little spot in Texas that nobody can take away from you. And the pride of knowing that you’re now a homeowner even if you’re not there all the time. I would suggest Elegment Land for anybody who’s looking for a little piece of land to call their own, whether it’s in Texas or one of the other places that they’re selling. They’re great, they’re fast, they’re simple, and they’re secure. I wouldn’t go to anywhere else.

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