40 Acres Off-Grid with Prime BLM Hunt Land Access in Washington State (Tract-QR)

$9,900 down, then $1,189.36 / month for 10 years (Plus $26 / month service fee)
40 Acres

$99,900 Cash Price

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Pay a deposit of $900 per item

$99,900 Cash Price

Categories: Okanogan County, Washington
Tags: Agricultural, Hunting, Mountain, Ranch, Recreational

Reservation Fee: $900 non-refundable reservation fee secures this property. Reservation fee will be counted toward purchase price and down payment.

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How to visit this 40 acres lot for sale in Okanogan, Washington?

To visit this 40 acres land for sale in Okanogan Washington, search McLaughlin Canyon Rd, Tonasket, Washington, 98855 within Okanogan County on your phone. When you are near the land, search “48.64881, -119.43099 on Google Map to locate one of the corners. Contact our office for surveys (if available), county plat maps, Google Map boundaries and corners, and MapRight.

  • Gate Entrance to private road / easement: 48.632084, -119.419994
  • Northwest Corner: 48.64879, -119.43506
  • Southwest Corner: 48.644, -119.43507
  • Southeast Corner: 48.64396, -119.43092
  • Northeast Corner: 48.64881, -119.43099

STEP 1: Navigate to Gate Entrance: Google Map Link

STEP 2: Navigate to Land through private road / easement: Google Map Link

Corner and Boundaries: Google Map Link
(when you are near the land, click this link on your phone to open Google Map, the RED BOX shows the land boundary, the FLASHING BLUE DOT shows where you are standing)

This land has dirt roads and easements. We suggest using all-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive vehicles to visit the property.

Seller Pays all Closing Costs!

Close to Town:

Located just 15 minutes from Tonasket, WA (great pizza, thai food, coffee, banking, hospital, school, ag stores, building supplies, shipping, and even a new cannabis shop) and 15 minutes from a top quality Deer Processor (Dick Mickey’s), this property makes the perfect location for adventure, views, and close access to town.

Mule Deer Heaven:

The mule deer population is outstanding. The ranch is located within Game Management Unit 204, ranked the best county in Washington State for top scoring Mule Deer. Contact us for a private viewing of our owner’s trophy shots. Check out the county’s hunting prospects guide here. There are also 2 seasons annually (a Spring and Fall season) for black bear.

You are within 15 minutes of custom deer processing that provides a variety of flavors, cuts and options and 30 minutes from our taxidermy friends that live on an Indian reservation.

Clean Title and Exclusive Public Land Access:

As a new owner, you will receive a warranty deed and survey + an exclusive pedestrian easement to 758 acres of neighboring Public Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Land that connects to our main road. This 758 acres is landlocked in the mountains and only accessible from our private road. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to get a piece of the mountain + be able to hunt large acreage that is lesser known to the general public.

Driving Conditions:

The property itself is accessible all the way up the mountain by our private road which intersects with McCaughlin Canyon Road. Check our driving directions and photos for pictures of the gate and survey. We have installed a circular turnaround pad and driveway directly onto the property where conditions are best for parking, cabin installation and a view over the town. You can drive there by 2WD during the Spring, Summer and Fall. In heavy rain seasons or Winter, we recommend 4WD just in case for seasonal mud and snow. In Heavy Snow conditions we do not recommend driving at all, use a snowmobile or walk. Sections of the road that experience the most annual wear and tear have been graveled; overall road conditions are good. The road is generally at least 6’ wide all the way to the top and we have been able to successfully haul cabins and heavy trucks all the way up.

There are 2 Options for Water:

Well Drilling and Spring Water (Hit and Miss):

There are overall a total of 2 producing wells, 2 hand-dug wells, 1 dry well and 3 separate year-round flowing springs that are known throughout our development. The producing wells have ranged from 180’ in depth to 540’ in depth. The dry well is approximately 300’ deep. See well reports and producers in our land report below.

Bulk Water Storage from Tonasket (Recommended):

Both the Ace Hardware store and Lee Frank Mercantile Store in Tonasket offer solutions to purchase bulk water storage containers and options for pickup and delivery. This is a very affordable and sanitary approach for seasonal recreational useage compared with drilling a new well. 325 Gallon Tanks run ($400) and 2,500 Gallon thanks run ($1,500). Water is sold at an approximate rate of $651 per 500 Gallons (subject to change).

History of McCloughlin Canyon:

Just down the street from this property, you will drive past a lookout point in the canyon where a historical marker is placed. In July 1958, a group of indians (upset by an increasing flow of miners heading for gold fields) lay in ambush through the length of the canyon. As 150 men led by David McCloughlin approached from the south, the warriors camouflaged their stone breastworks with branches. But their wilted leaves alerted McCloughlin’s advance party so the Indians opened up prematurely. Firing continued for several hours near the mouth of the canyon. Three miners were killed. The caravan retreated to the Okanogan river and next day crossed over in rafts.

Ag Exemption:

40 acres land for sale in Okanogan, Washington benefits from an agricultural exemption with a small herd of cattle grazing the overall mountainside to keep the property taxes low and grass growth down to protect the land from wildfire risk.

Cell service:

Is excellent at the top of the mountain with good speeds from Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile enabling you to FaceTime off the bluff views. Service along the county road entrance and initial drive up the lower parts of the road is much more challenging. We recommend turning your GPS On before driving up McCaughlin Canyon road in case you temporarily lose service.

Recreational Purpose:

This ranchette enjoys low but sensible restrictions, allowing numerous uses:

  • Yurt and Cabin Builds and Commercial Rentals
  • Full Time RV
  • Any Permanent Structures
  • Tiny Homes
  •  Camping

Basic restrictions are in place to ensure properly handling of waste and wastewater, not leaving fires unattended, hunting or shooting on or over the easement roads, maintaining easement roads, and not using tents and lean-tos / shanties as permanent residences.

One of our customers built a yurt and deck with propane powered water heater and composting toilet. Check out the Sleepy Sasquatch below: (Link)

Land Details:

  • No HOA
  • No Minimum building size
  • Water: 325 Gallon ($400) and 2,500 Gallon ($1,500) tanks available for purchase at nearby Tonasket Ace Hardware, Lee Frank Mercantile (509) 486-2105. Also sell water @$651 per 500 Gallons.
  • Electricity: Okanogan Public Utility District. Call for cost estimates of getting power to your property. – 509-422-3310
  • Satellite internet services: Provided by Hughes Net, Starlink & Viasat
  • Curbside Trash Service: by Upper Valley Disposal Call (509) 476-3910
  • Tonasket School District : Elementary, Middle School, & High School
  • Nearby College: Wenatchee Valley College
  • Elegment ID: LLP_WA_Tract-QR
  • Address: McLaughlin Canyon Rd, Tonasket, Okanogan County, Washington, 98855
  • GPS: 48.64881, -119.43099
  • Parcel Number: 3627023009 / 3627020002
  • Size: 40 Acres
  • Dimension: 987 ft x 1772 ft
  • Title: Free & Clear, Warranty Deed
  • Zoning: Resource – Agriculture Current Use
  • Taxes: $475.68 per year

360 Tour

Successful Wells and Completion Dates:

Robert Thompson
Okanogan Drilling
County: Okanogan
Well Report ID: 148058, Well Tag ID:ACB607, Notice of Intent Number: W050165
Well Diameter: 6 in. , Well Depth: 540 ft.
Well Type: Water
Well Completion Date: 09-30-1996

Company: Fogle Pump and Supply
Tax Parcel Number: 3627021005
County: Okanogan, Well Address: TBD, Tonasket
Well Report ID: 1887049, Well Tag ID:BLG913, Notice of Intent Number: WE33384
Well Diameter: 6 in. , Well Depth: 180 ft.
Well Type: Water
Well Completion Date: 11-15-2018, Well Report Received Date: 12-13-2018

Nearby Cities & Points of Interest

We’ve put together a complete google list of activities for your convenience: [Click Here]

  • 15 Minutes to Tonasket, WA
  • 30 minutes to Walmart Supercenter
  • 30 minutes to Omak City
  • 32 minutes to Wenatchee Valley College North
  • 36 minutes to Sinlaheken Wildlife Area
  • 37 minutes to Okanogan Valley Golf Club
  • 38 minutes to Conconully Lake
  • 38 minutes to Lake Osoyoos and Canadian Border
  • 40 minutes to Bannon Mountain Trailhead
  • 44 minutes to Omak Lake
  • 48 minutes to Fourth of July Trailhead
  • 1 hour to Loup Ski Bowl
  • 1 hour 43 minutes to North Cascades Heli Skiing
  • 3 hours 10 minutes to Spokane, WA & GEG International Airport

Property Summary

Seller Pays all Closing Costs!

Situated just 15 minutes from Tonasket, WA, this property offers proximity to town amenities while providing an ideal setting for adventure. Embraced by Game Management Unit 204, renowned for top-scoring Mule Deer, this ranch promises an exceptional hunting experience with two annual black bear seasons. As the new owner, enjoy a clean title, a warranty deed, and exclusive access to 758 acres of adjacent Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Land via a pedestrian easement. The property is accessible year-round via a private road, and water options include wells and bulk storage solutions.