The Pros and Cons of Buying Land as an Investment in Texas

Land investment in Texas can be a great way to boost and diversify your investment portfolio. It is a fairly low-maintenance and hassle-free way to increase your assets and overall wealth. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the pros and cons of land investment in Texas!

Investment in Texas land is often times overlooked, however it can be an excellent asset to any real estate portfolio. If you want to begin your investment journey, add to a portfolio, or find smart ways to diversify, land can be an excellent way to go.

Land Investment in Texas: Pros

Low Cost

Texas land is cheap in comparison to other types of investments. Many people will find they only need to save up for a few months in order to generate enough cash to buy a lot. This opens the door to many people who want to begin investing but weren’t sure how to get their foot in the door. If you find the right property, you can buy low, sell it off or develop it, and use the profits for an even larger investment. Before you know it, you’ll be a real estate mogul and it all would have started with one small patch of dirt!

Low Maintenance

When you buy land, the is pretty much no maintenance work involved. It just sits there until the time is right for you to cash in. You might have to deal with small things, like keeping the lot free of brush and trash if it is in a residential neighborhood. You will not, however, need to deal with bad tenants, repairs, maintenance, or damage to your property.

Lower Property Taxes

Property taxes are much lower for land as opposed to buildings. Land annual property tax can be a few hundred while a home annual property tax can be a few thousand. These low holding costs are another reason why people love land investment so much.

It Can Be Developed

You can choose to develop the land yourself, adding a residential or commercial building depending on how the land is zoned. Quite a lot of the rural land in Texas has no zoning regulations. Meaning you are free to build a few cabins, yurts, geo-domes and run an Air B&B. You can develop and operate an RV park for vanlife guests to camp overnight. By building something  where there was once nothing, you will be able to generate tremendous profits renting it out or selling it off.

Make It Income Producing

Many people avoid land because it does not bring in any income. However, you can find creative ways to make it work for you. You can lease it to a neighbor so they have more room for their car or children’s play area. If it is a large parcel, and if it is allowed, you can lease the land to a hunter or a rancher. You can use the lot for parking during special events if it is in a commercial area. There are many creative ways to make your land generate income.

Land Investment in Texas: Cons

No Income

Land doesn’t typically bring in income unless you get creative with it. Of course, there are some exceptions as noted above, however, most of the time the property will sit until it is developed or resold. This is why you should look for land in developing areas, selling when it becomes a more “in demand” location.

Smaller Buyer Pool

Traditionally, there is a smaller consumer buyer pool for residential land. Everyday consumers like to buy residential homes directly. Residential lots might take longer to sell, depending on your market. The buyer pool you do see will likely be smaller than what you would find with a residential home.

Overall, adding land to your portfolio is a very safe and practical choice for new and seasoned investors. It is an excellent way to get into real estate investment as the costs to get started are very low in comparison to other types of investments. You should always keep land investment in mind when purchasing Texas real estate.

Unwanted Neighbors

The rural acreage of Texas usually has no zoning regulations. This means you could have all kinds of unwanted neighbors. Neighbors that park their junk cars on their land. Neighbors that do not maintain their lawn. Neighbors that have many dogs, etc.

Luckily, the subdivision Texas land we sell at Elegment Land usually come with light covenants to prevent this. Interested in Texas land investment? We can help! Contact us today to learn more! (973) 420-2440.