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Weigh These 5 Land Characteristics Before Building on Your Land

Looking to invest in undeveloped land? Read this blog post to learn how to weigh these 5 land characteristics before buying vacant residential land for development. Want to buy land within California or Texas area? A lot of investors love vacant land as an investment! If you’re thinking about buying land for your family, make sure you weigh these 5 site characteristics before buying raw land for development in California or Texas.

Site Characteristic #1. Legal Area

In many residential areas, boundary markers like fences, sidewalks, and roads mark the legal boundaries of a home. But with vacant land it’s not always as clear. Depending on where the land is, it can be difficult to tell where your property ends and another one begins. Before you even invest, make sure you know exactly where the legal boundaries of your property are so you don’t develop beyond those boundaries. At Elegment Land, we always have the corners and boundaries information. Just let us know how we can help.

Site Characteristic #2. Zoning

Municipalities will zone different areas in order to control growth. After all, no homeowner wants a garbage dump or noisy factory beside them! Zoning will restrict what you can build. So, if you’re investing to develop the land, or if you’re planning to sell to a developer, make sure you know what can be built on the property. At Elegment Land, we hand pick our residential land parcels, each one is perfect for your new home site.

Site Characteristic #3. Drainage

When it rains, a lot of the water soaks into the ground. But in a heavy rainfall, not all of it will immediately soak in! When it rains, or when the snow melts, where does the water go? Knowing the drainage lines of your property will help you know where to develop (so you don’t build a house whose basement always floods!)

Note: even if you don’t like the drainage line, you can often change it (within reason); however, it’s good to know where the water drains before you start building any structures!

Site Characteristic #4. Stability for structures

Vacant land has so many promising possibilities but not all land is appropriate for every use. The make-up of the soil will determine if and where a structure should be built on the property, and even how deep you need to dig for a sturdy, dry structure. At Elegment Land, we offer FREE soil report for all of the land we sell. Ask us for a FREE copy!

Site Characteristic #5. Path of growth

Want to know the best place to buy vacant land? It’s easy: in the area that’s going to be developed in the future! The value of your investment will rise as demand increases for the land around it. So, determine the path of growth so you can know where your next land investment should be.


Vacant has historically been a compelling investment. (After all, ALL land was vacant at some point!) If you want to buy land within the California or Texas area, make sure you weigh these 5 site characteristics before buying raw land for development.

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