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Welcome to Elegment Land, the land investing professionals specializing in affordable land for sale with owner financing. Our streamlined purchasing process ensures a fast and easy land transaction, and we take the security of your personal information seriously with our secure checkout system.

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Browse some of our newest additions. All of our plots come with owner financing options and help from our team of land investor experts navigating the paperwork.

An Easy Land Buying Process with Elegment Land

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Here at Elegment Land, we want to make buying your plot of land a dream. That’s why we always do the following things for every single one of our land buyers:

  • Visit the land at a time that suits your schedule.
  • Say goodbye to confusing paperwork.
  • We own the property we sell. So if you’re looking for sale by owner, you’re in the right place. There are no middlemen, and we have all the information you need.
  • Forget about high-interest loans. Our owner financing options are affordable for you.
  • No prepayment penalties, so that you can own your land sooner.
  • Rest easy knowing your personal information is protected.
  • We provide the best protection for buyers. Whether you purchase with cash or owner financing, you’ll receive a warranty deed and take ownership from day one.
  • Trust in our track record of success and know that you can count on us for an easy and safe land investment.
  • You’ll never have to worry about your land investment. We provide a free and clear title, with no back taxes or outstanding HOA dues and no liens. You’ll have a clear land title with every property we sell.

Still have questions? Our team of experts is here to help.

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    We have land for sale with owner financing across seven states and in some of the most beautiful locations across the country. Search our map to find your perfect plot.

    Our Happy Land Buyers

    Hear the experiences of some of our happy landowners. They came to Elegment Land looking for land for sale and are now the proud owners of their next dream plot of land. Let them tell you just how simple the process is.

    Derrick’s Plan to Build RV Lot for Rental and Airbnb

    Derek Davis purchase this RV lot by the beautiful Lake Livingston. He plans to eventually one day start building homes for rental and Airbnb.

    Derrick Davis

    Fulfilling My Dream to Own a Lake Property!

    Dennis fulfilled his long term dream of having a beautiful lot by the lakes in Texas. We found this lake property for him so that he can enjoy peaceful fishing by three gorgeous private lakes!

    Dennis T.

    Land for Sale with Owner Financing

    Are you ready to become a landowner? Let us help you make it happen! 

    Step 1 — Choose Your Perfect Plot of Land

    Search our land for sale and find your dream plot, by state, country or land type. 

    Step 2 — Choose Your Payment Method

    Choose owner financing or avoid interest payments and pay cash. Either way, it’s easy to make a small deposit through our website to secure your land. 

    Step 3 — Review and Sign Your Paperwork

    Once we receive your deposit, we will mark the land “SOLD”. We’ll send documents to your email address where it’s easy to sign electronically. 

    Step 4  — Make A Payment

    We offer different options. Let us know what works for you. 

    For cash purchases, our communication will include detailed payment instructions.

    For owner-finance purchases, you will make monthly payments directly to third-party mortgage management companies

    Read more information on how to make a payment. 

    Step 5 —  Enjoy Your Land! 

    Get ready to start planning your dream build. Learn more about our options in our FAQs.

    Read FAQs


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    Meet the Team

    Unlike realtors, we’re professional land investors. We have over 25 + years of combined experience searching for and acquiring land and real estate, meaning we understand the challenges that land buyers face and how to help them.

    Xing Gao

    Xing Gao is the founder of Elegment Land.

    I am Xing Gao. With 20+ years of eCommerce and real estate experience, I combine modern day eCommerce technology to make land buying EASY for our buyers.

    Andrew Finger


    I am Andrew Finger. I live in the multi-cultural Houston. Our business is to acquire land at wholesale prices and pass the savings to our customers.

    Lucas King

    Lucas King is one of the three founders.

    I am Lucas King, one of the three core founders. I search far and wide for the best land to sell to our buyers. I am the luckiest land finder on the planet!

    LeAnn Specht

    I am LeAnn Specht. I love helping our customers find the land of their dreams and walking them through the EASY purchase process!

    All the Help You Need Buying Land

    We want finding and buying your dream plot of land to be a breeze. So if you’re unsure of anything at all, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We’re well-versed in buying and selling land and can help you find the right land for you.

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